Famous Chicken Sushi Diet

Famous Chicken Sushi

Are you looking to drop a lot of weight really fast? Try the new MeanFriends.com Chicken Sushi diet! You are guaranteed to lose weight – FAST!

Even better news? It’s all you can eat! That’s right, the more chicken sushi you eat, the faster you will lose a lot of weight! *

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*MeanFriends.com is not responsible for any outcome from your attempt at this diet. Outcomes could result in coma, death, or worse. As always, consult a physician before starting a new diet. Always stay hydrated on the Chicken Sushi Diet

Famous Chicken sushi

Famous Chicken Sushi






The original MF Chicken Sushi Diet has been upgraded to even better recipes!

 Chicken Sushi >

Delicious Hor D’oeuvres!

Edible cigarette butts!!








Nasty ash tray or tasty treat?  You decide, MFer!

Sweet and Salty Pretzel Ashtray >